In the pre-existing structuring of positions, we feel restricted. Of course, we make the finest creative work, intermediate professionals, and offer support. But that doesn’t necessarily make us hardcore consultants, advertising agency or intermediary agent.

Freelancers United purposely unites things that would usually be separated. This makes our work more fun – but more importantly, it enhances the help to the client. Fast & agile. We do so in various fields: Marketing, Communication & Community Management.

In reality, real talented professionals are always scarce. That’s why smart recruitment is always on-going. In that regard, technology offers wonderful opportunities and therefor, as well for the larger volumes, we cooperate with our sister company, RecruitMarketing.

Our method

At Freelancers United, we apply a number of rules per specialization in accordance with our values. We are very clear about that. Our rules are concrete and never vague or complex, which keeps collaborations with Freelancers United reciprocal and equal.

Are you, as a client or professional, curious about how we work per specialization? Read below how we work.