Need a creative tailor-made team to realise your ambitions? Or first write your brand in its essence? An inspired why? A complete rebranding or just a new logo? We CREATE it!

Whereas team FIX of Freelancers United connects clients and professionals, CREATE completely takes over the project. Freelancers United CREATE creates the most magnificent brands. Through strategy, connections are made to the means of production and creative work.

In addition to creative field specialization, Freelancers United also offers HR support in the design of the organization, the realization of an intended downsizing and/or (re)design of the organization and in the development of programs to achieve objectives.

How much does this cost?

If you’re working with Freelancers United, you can always count on clear rates. To keep our prices simple for a wide variety of projects, we work with fixed rates as much as possible. Project managers, HR advisors, content creators and designers, for example, all have the same rate. Everyone has their own skills, but all our value. This way, we also ensure that we remain clear and misunderstandings will never occur.